Almighty Ft. Farruko – Panda (Spanish Version)

Trap is spreading to Reggaeton and this time we’ve got something new from the usual suspects. Farruko has worked on Trap songs before with Messiah and this time he’s with his own artist Almighty for the Spanish Version of ‘Panda’. This beat has really good production which is exactly what I expect from Farruko and Carbon Fiber Music. Almighty killed it on his verses and even though he did the usual Trap flow he still managed to include his style of Rap which made this song even better. Farruko killed on the hook and even on his verses. I’m more of a fan of his rap verses where it doesn’t sound like he’s straining himself to get the words out. Check it out! Do you think this is a Trap phase or it’ll become something more?

GotDembow (Admin)
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