Anonimus Ft. Wisin, Farruko Y Baby Rasta & Gringo – De Rumba (Official Remix)

Anonimus will be getting a major bump with this big remix featuring Wisin, Farruko, and duo Baby Rasta & Gringo! ‘De Rumba’ was released not too long ago and it’s just received it’s remix which I think definitely works. Farruko sounds great on this type of music in fact they all do. This is a really catchy track because of those horns that I never thought I’d hear in a Reggaeton track. Even if they were added I’d never expect it to sound as good as we hear them on this track. That’s all due to producers Denni Way and Charlie Night City. It takes skill to make this fusion of genres work and work well enough to get non-fans to like it. Take a listen!

GotDembow (Admin)
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