Carlitos Rossy Ft. Ñengo Flow – Nada Distinto

Carlitos Rossy and Nengo Flow collaborate once again! The last time I heard a collab by them it was years ago with the song ‘Codigo Secreto’. I still remember making the cover art for that track and it turned out to be one of my favorites. Los G4 is a group of producers which is made up of Sinfonico, Onyx, and Jan Paul. All three have worked with Nengo Flow for years and this time they’re working on their upcoming album ‘Los G4’. I’m not 100% sure if this song will be on the album or if it’s a promotional single to raise awareness about the album. ‘Nada Distinto’ is a hot track and a dope collaboration by Carlitos Rossy and Nengo Flow! It’s a Perreo track with some Romantiqueo elements on the melody and it’s a contrast to what we usually hear from Los Real G 4 Life. I’m hoping the album consists of more than just Malianteo and Hip-Hop so that it appeals to a wider audience.

Carlitos Rossy is working on his album ‘Gold Member’ and the previews he’s been releasing on his Instagram sound like the album is going to take him to the next level! Nengo Flow released his album earlier this year titled ‘Los Reyes Del Rap’. Make sure to check that out even if it’s just for the couple of Reggaeton songs on the album.

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