Carlitos Rossy – Mi Niña (Official Video)

‘On Top of the World Music’ is not going to stop dropping new content from their artists just yet. They’ve just released the music video for Carlitos Rossy’s song ‘Mi Niña’ which was from his 2014 album ‘The Mansion’. It’s a great track from producers Phantom and Freddy who are now known as NeoNazza working alongside Musicologo & Menes. The beat sounds a bit melancholy and the video fits it perfectly. They got the vibe down and this makes it an enjoyable video to watch. This will definitely please fans of the album ‘The Mansion’ to see it still getting some love even after much time has passed. I’m looking forward to Carlitos’s next album which is titled ‘Gold Member’ and will once again be released under ‘On Top Of the World Music’. This company is on a roll when it comes to music!

GotDembow (Admin)
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