Chris Ceballos Ft. Cheka – Tu Cuerpo Me Llama

Cheka (Puerto Rico) and Chris Ceballos (Colombia) collaborate to brings a catchy new track titled ‘Tu Cuerpo Me Llama’! This beat was produced by Saga Neutron who produces the majority of Cheka’s music ever since he made the move to Colombia years ago. They’ve been doing solid work and even released ‘Yo Soy Musica 2’ mixtape last year. Cheka is currently working with some of the producers and says he’s going to make a big comeback with all this new music. I believe it’s already started and it’s with none other than Saga Neutron who made this mad catchy melody for this beat! Chris Ceballos is a new artist I’ve only heard of now but he definitely keeps up with veteran Cheka. The video was produced by Diamond Eye Music which was started and is owned by Cheka. They did an impressive job on this video and for me, the best visuals were with the red background. The small story was easy to follow and easy to understand which leaves to enjoy the music without wondering what in the world is going on. Check it out!

GotDembow (Admin)
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