D.OZi – Aka Trap (Mixtape) [2017]

In the last year that Trap has gotten popular, D.OZi has been kinda missing in action because we didn’t seen him in many Trap songs. If anyone would be into Trap, I’d think D.OZi would be making tracks left and right. Maybe he was working on some and finally released them on this brand new mixtape ‘Aka Trap’. What does the title mean? Well in the tagline on the cover it translates to ‘The sound of a Klashnikov’. He says, in this Instagram post, that he “keeps his silence and let’s his AK-47 do the talking”. So, we can say that he’s kept his silence during Trap boom and now it’s time for his ‘Aka Trap’ to do the talking. The mixtape is good and the beats are unique which is a good thing right now because Trap beats have been sounding very similar to one another. My favorite song was ‘Mente Mala’ with Juhn El All Star. The mixtape also features Gotay and Mike Towers with production by Yann C ‘Full Harmony’, Mini King, and Bozz. The mixtape is currently available on Soundcloud and YouTube.

GotDembow (Admin)
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