D.OZi – Baby Girl

DOWNLOAD: D.OZi – “Baby Girl”

‘Baby Girl’ is a brand new single by D.OZi for his next project! It starts off as a slow Hip-Hop track and once the dembow kicks in we’re into familiar territory. It might be familiar but at the same time there’s something new. The beat and song has a fresh sound too it and to me it’s a perfect balance of mainstream and sticking to his roots. The hook and melody have are catchy and appeals to a commercial audience. The beat is produced by Zoprano and Boss. They did a dope job with this and I’m really diggin’ the melody. I hope Zoprano continues to evolve his sound just like he did with this beat. Hopefully soon we get more info on D.OZi’s next project.

GotDembow (Admin)
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