Darkiel – Si Hubiera Oportunidad

Darkiel was recently signed by Cosculluela in his company ‘Rottweilas Inc’ and this is his latest single. ‘Si Hubiera Oportunidad’ is an R&B/Balad track produced by Chalko, Sr. Vazquez, and Yexian. I’m really impressed by Darkiel’s singing on this track. I’ve heard him sing before but I didn’t think he could execute a track this so well. Hearing this demonstrates that Darkiel has what it takes to make it to the mainstream. If he’s able to do songs like this, which is opposite of his usual Rap songs, then he should be able to do many more styles of music. He’s currently working with Musicologo & Menes and NeoNazza on new music. I can’t wait to hear those tracks and you can definitely expect them here!

GotDembow (Admin)
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