Elio Mafiaboy – 1989

Time for a new Malianteo track by Elio Mafiaboy! Former Rottweila’s Inc member is now under Anakin Ent and Black Tiger Records. He’s now starting to release new music for a new phase in his solo career. He worked as a writer in his former company after splitting from his duo Los Mafiaboys. Elio is a good lyricist and over the year he’s dropped some really dope Malianteo tracks. The next challenge for him will be to expand beyond Malianteo which I believe he definitely has the ability to do. ‘1989’ is Elio talking about his past and all that has lead to this moment. The beat was produced by D-Note The Beatllionare who’s been killin’ it on the Malianteo beats lately.

Thanks to Elio, Irving of Black Tiger Records, and Anakin Ent for the shout out video they made for us. If you haven’t checked it out, look for it on our Facebook or Instagram.

GotDembow (Admin)
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