Farruko – Coscu Vs. Farruko

So, I’m going to summarize a little bit of what happened between Don Omar, Cosculluela, and Farruko that led to this diss track. It all started with a simple comment from Cosculluela on one of Don Omar’s Instagram pics. Cosculluela said something along the lines of ‘too much talking, and not enough doing’. Don Omar went all out on Twitter against Cosculluela eventually tweeting an entire diss track. How did this involve Farruko? Well, neither Don Omar or Cosculluela mentioned him but Farruko decided to include himself in this situation. On Instagram, Farruko stated that he loves ‘tiraeras’ and that they’re like a sport to him. Farruko bombards his instagram feed with many videos talking trash towards Cosculluela. So, that same night Farruko gets his crew together to make a very rushed diss track and that is what we have here today.

Farruko states towards the end of the song that it was made in less than two hours and it definitely sounds like it. He admits it and it doesn’t matter to him because this is just to get Cosculluela to respond and really get this going. Cosculluela doesn’t seem interested and says he’d rather focus on his diss track to Don Omar. Anyway, the beat for this diss track is pretty good even though it supposedly only took two hours. Farruko only actually raps in the first two minutes and thirty seconds of this six minute long track. My own opinion on who will win or lose is that if Cosculluela does responde then he’ll win. I’m a fan of Farruko and I know he’s talented but he’s not the artist that comes to mind when you think of Malianteo or diss tracks. As for Cosculluela vs Don Omar, that one I can’t see a clear winner but Cosculluela has had more recent experience.

GotDembow (Admin)
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