Farruko Ft. Anuel, Tempo, Bryant Myers, Almighty – Ella y Yo (Official Video)

It’s a Trap! Here’s the video for “Ella Y Yo” which is brought to you by director Pepe Quintana who is also the executive producer of this track. He’ll be releasing some more music and this right here was the first. He has stated that all of his songs will be at this level of high quality. It’s a dope video and a dope song! How are you guys liking this Trap trend? For me, I think it’s dope because the more good music the better. This is not like the Reggaetoneros trying out Pop/EDM, this is actually working out because the production is on point! The lyrics may not be for everyone but hey, what Trap songs in English are lyrical masterpieces? Of course, that doesn’t mean that they can’t be but most people don’t expect that. The same can be said about Reggaeton although recently it has upped it’s game in that department.

GotDembow (Admin)
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