Farruko – Obsesionado (Official Video)

Farruko presents the official video to his new single ‘Obsesionado’. Although the song was on his album ‘Visonary’, he’s promoting at as a single and it’s real good choice because it’s a great song. I think it’ll do great in the Latin Music market and it has a huge potential to break into the mainstream. Farruko is getting real close to breaking into that mainstream market and with big projects like this song I think he’ll get there. He brought in director Jessy Terrero to make this ‘film’ which in a lot of scenes it definitely does look like one. This video has some top notch cinematography. The best looking one was when he was in front of the old school car and there was some real nice lens flares. One thing I found strange was that the song has a warm summer vibe yet they chose to do it in a place where it’s cold enough to snow. I think in the end it worked out because they shot in daylight and the green/yellows color corrections match the vibe of the song. Everything was going great until the last scene. The CG for that just did not look good. That includes everything from the bomb itself to the explosion.

GotDembow (Admin)
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