Gerry Capo – Cuando Me Vaya

Ex-vocalist of Erre XI, Gerry Capo, is back! I haven’t heard too much new music from him in a while which is a shame because I enjoy his tracks, but we have some new content from a union between him and Los NeoNazza titled “Cuando Me Vaya”. I’m not sure what it is about the drums they use in this beat, but whenever I hear them I always get a very beach/Panamanian vibe from beats like this. Gerry does well on the vocals and i’m hoping to hear more from him with producers like Los NeoNazza in the future. This seems to be for his next project called Love & Hate which we’ll update you guys on when more information becomes available. For now, enjoy some new Gerry Capo!

GotDembow (Admin)
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