Gigolo Y La Exce – Te Robo (Prod. by DJ Urba Y Rome)

With this song I believe it makes three songs produced by DJ Urba Y Rome that came out this month. I’m happy with at least one a month but the more the merrier. They made a dope beat for this song and Gigolo Y La Exce killed it! I did not know they had it in them to make a Reggaeton track like this. Someone said they were impressed by how versatile this duo could be but I did not agree. Then this drops as well as their previous song ‘Acura’ and now I completely agree. I’m used hearing these guys on Trap or Hip-Hop songs recently. I think songs like these will definitely push them into the general Reggaeton audience even more. In conclusion, I recommend this because it’s a dope Romantiqueo track and one of my favorite songs to drop this weekend.

GotDembow (Admin)
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