Gotay El Autentiko – Recuerdo

Musicologo & Menes are gearing up for their next project which will be the third installment of ‘ORION’! Having just released the original album which also included ‘ORION: The Lost Constellation’, and then the Justin Quiles Edition of Imperio Nazza, they’re ready to start releasing even more new music with ‘ORION: Rescue of the Princess’. This is the second song they’ve released the first being ‘Calor’ by duo Falsetto & Sammy. For their second release, we’ve got Gotay El Autentiko in a song called ‘Recuerdo’. What stands out for me on this track is the main melody which sounds intentionally similar to a trumpet you’d hear in a Mexican/Spanish song. It’s like an Electronic version of that sound and it works well especially with the theme of ‘Rescue the Princess’. There’s also heavy influence from old school video games and an old school anime that looks like it’s from the late 70’s early 80’s. There’s going to be way more music soon from Los De La Nazza including a song with Cheka! Check this out!

GotDembow (Admin)
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