Jayma & Dalex, Carlitos Rossy, Elio Mafiaboy, & TruLife – Vuela Alto (RIP Tido)

About a month ago Anakin Entertainment lost a friend. Tido was his name and his involvement played a huge part in the success that company and the artists were having. The loss was sudden and his friends aren’t going to let this stop what they’ve worked so hard for. They’ll continue to work hard and continue to have success because Anakin Ent is now Tido’s legacy. In honor of his memory, ‘Vuela Alto’ is was made by his close friends Jayma y Dalex, Carlitos Rossy, TruLife (DNA y Yanzee), Elio Mafiaboy, JX El Ingeniero, D-Note, and Mikey Tone. My condolences go out to everybody at Anakin Ent, his friends, and his family.

GotDembow (Admin)
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