Jocko & J Londo Ft. Genio El Mutante – Lo Que Paso Esa Noche

Looks like most Reggaetonero’s took a little vacation this week since there hasn’t been much released. The new generation and the new artists can’t stop so therefore it’s why RTR has been looking a little bit more like this week. Here’s another collaboration this time it’s Colombia and Puerto Rico. On the Colombian side we’ve got duo Jocko & J Londo. On the beat is D-Note ‘The Beatllionare’, JX, and DJ Spinnaz. It’s a solid Romantiqueo track and this new duo did a real good job especially the singer. Genio does a rap verse but I think if he sang on this track it would’ve sounded dope. Give this a listen!

GotDembow (Admin)
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