Jory Boy Ft. J Alvarez – No Me Condenes (Official Video)

Jory Boy and director Fernando Lugo bring us another great music video! This time it’s for Jory’s song ‘No Me Condenes’ which features J Alvarez. This was on Jory’s album ‘Matando La Liga’ which was released in the fall of last year. This was on of the five collaborations on the album and a pretty good track overall. Jory and Fernando Lugo have teamed up before and they’re always upping their previous work. They’ve done it again with this one. I really like all the shots in this video. The cinematography is top notch work which is always expected from Mr. Lugo and his team. Everything blends in nicely and it’s got a very cinematic feel which is exactly what they were going for. My favorite visuals are with the blue background and Jory’s in front of the camera but he’s obscured and in the dark. Looks real good when the lighting reflects off of his glasses. Definitely check this out if you want to see some of the best visuals in Reggaeton!

GotDembow (Admin)
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