Juhn El AllStar Ft. Alexio La Bestia, Gigolo & La Exce – Labias Mongas (Official Remix)

Juhn El AllStar joins up with Alexio La Bestia and duo Gigolo & La Exce for the remix of ‘Labias Mongas’. It’s a Perreo track produced by Onell Flow of DJ Nelson’s Flow Music. This track was a solid track before and with Alexio La Bestia it gets elevated to another level. Gigolo & La Exce have recently worked with Farruko and Messiah on the remix to their popular song ‘Nasty’. La Exce recently did a track with Musicologo which is dope and worth checking out if you’re a fan of Musi. They did a dope job on the remix but Alexio stole the show. It’s a dope collaboration and one with solid hook by Juhn El AllStar. Give it a listen!

GotDembow (Admin)
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