Juno The Hitmaker Ft. Clandestino & Yailemm – No Creo En Amores

Juno The Hitmaker and Clandestino & Yailemm bring us one of the hottest tracks of the weekend! ‘No Creo En Amores’ is a hot track and a great collaboration by all three of these guys. Juno has made a comeback with a some hard hitting tracks such as ‘Te Quiero Asi’ which was produced by Musicologo & Menes. Both him and Lenny Tavarez are making dope music with Neo Nazza as well. Clandestino & Yailemm just dropped their album last year and now they’re working on new music. They killed it on this track and that wasn’t even the best part. For me, the best part was that melody and what a great job by Fade ‘El Que Pone La Presion’! It’s a must-listen so check it out now!

GotDembow (Admin)
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