Justin Quiles – Si Ella Quisiera

There’s a lot of anticipation over the release of “Imperio Nazza: Justin Quiles Edition” and to satisfy the fans we have the release of a new single by Justin Quiles called “Si Ella Quisiera” and it’s a pretty hot drop. I can see this song getting a lot of commercial radio play because as always, Justin Quiles writes a super catchy hook. We’ve seen a huge growth in J Quiles as an artist over the years and I feel as if this year will be a huge one for him. He has the release of “Justin Quiles Edition” alongside Los De La Nazza and also the release the his album “La Promesa” which I’m sure will launch him even further into the mainstream. Give this track a listen and be one the lookout for his project with Musicologo & Menes on January 22nd!

GotDembow (Admin)
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