Kario & Yaret Ft. Magno Y Eliot El Mago De Oz – Dayana

New Kario & Yaret featuring Magno and Eliot ‘El Mago De Oz’. The song didn’t start off well especially that intro almost deterred me because I’m not a fan of that type of style. Once the minute mark hit and Magno joins in, I was sold! After a couple more listens, I have to say that I think Magno stole the show on this track. No one else compared to his vocals and he killed the hook! Kario, Yaret, and Elio did a dope job but Magno sold me on this. The beat was produced by Guitto & Emel who are responsible for that melody made by the flute. That’s another thing that hooked me on this track. I went into this song expecting a certain sound and luckily, for me, I was wrong. Give this a listen!

GotDembow (Admin)
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