Lenny Tavarez Ft. Pusho – Tortura

Lenny Tavarez and Pusho have a Christmas gift for all of us! It’s a new single titled ‘Tortura’ produced by NeoNazza. For those that don’t know, Lenny was in the former duo Dyland & Lenny. Both of them are working on their solo careers and I hear they may be a collaboration with the two of them in the near future. ‘Tortura’ is a hot Perreo track which sounds very much like what we used to hear from Lenny while he was with Dyland. Pusho is one of the upcoming new artists who has risen to popularity in a short amount of time. His specialty is rapping but he’s got the talent to sing a real good chorus which he’s demonstrated time and again. It’s no different on here even though it’s a Perreo track.

This song was supposed to drop yesterday and as of right it’s only available on Spotify for streaming. Soon as it drops on Soundcloud we’ll swap out the Spotify player. It’s also available for purchase on Amazon and Google Play Store. Check the links below!

GotDembow (Admin)
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