Maraña Ft. Trulife (DNA & Yanzee), Indio La Muza, Y Andre The Giant – 30 Pa Ti (Remix)

Time for a Malianteo track produced by D-Note ‘The Beatllionaire’! It’s the remix to ’30 Pat Ti’ by Maraña El Oculto featuring Trulife, Indio La Muza, and Andre The Giant (not the wrestler). THere’s two kinds of Malianteo out there and its either with or without dembow. The ones with dembow always get a plus one but I’m a Reggaeton fan. This here has the dembow and it’s a dope track. D-Note is a beast at Malianteo and the beat on this is solid! Trulife (DNA & Yanzee) deliver a dope verse, one sung and one rapped. Indio La Muza is D-Note’s brother and we used to post his music way back when we were online. It’s good to see he’s back and better than ever. Andre The Giant impressed me with the chorus he sang and it’s one of the things that stood out to me. Check this out!

GotDembow (Admin)
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