Mr. Alexis – Felina

Here’s a new track by Mr. Alexis of duo Alexis y Fido! ‘Felina’ was produced by RKO Beats and Impulse for the upcoming album ‘WDLC Vol 2’ by Alexis and his Wild Dogz music company. After taking a couple of listens to this track I can honestly say that I was not feeling this at all. The beat wasn’t good, some of the vocals were off, and minute 1:20 felt off. ‘Felina’ was a disappointing track because it’s no where near on par with any of their most recent albums. I do think that if you’re a fan of Alexis & Fido that you should still give it a chance. Take a listen and see if I’m just nuts or if you agree with me. Check it!

GotDembow (Admin)
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