Nicky Jam & Enrique Iglesias – Forgiveness (El Perdon) (Lyric Video)

Nicky Jam released the English version of his hit single ‘El Perdon’ on his YouTube channel. This is the version with Enrique Iglesias and both sing most of the track in English except for part of the hook. I think this was a pretty cool idea because there are a lot of fans of this track that don’t speak Spanish but they understand English. Although I think it’s cool that they made this, I prefer the original 100x over. It’s due to the fact that some of the lyrics just don’t go with the beat and that’s what’s expected when you try to do an exact translation. I think I would of been cool with them if they decided to change somethings around to better fit the music. Definitely worth taking a view especially if you’re curious to hear what it sounds like. Check it!

GotDembow (Admin)
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