Nio Garcia Ft. Anuel AA, & Bryant Myers – Volverte A Ver

Flow Music and DJ Nelson present Nio Garcia in collaboration with Anuel AA and Bryant Myers! ‘Volverte A Ver’ is a Trap/R&B track featuring two of the most popular new artists right now. Nio has made some really good solo tracks and recently he dropped a new track with Kendo Kaponi titled ‘La Detective’. That was a good Reggaeton track and on this R&B track he also kills it on the hook! He definitely is on par with Anuel and Bryant Myers, although some may argue that’s not too hard to do. I’m not hatin’ on these guys but there is some truth to that. They themselves know they’re not out to make beautiful music but this beat is probably the closest to something like it. That’s some great work from DJ Nelson although I’m not 100% sure if he made the beat.

GotDembow (Admin)
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