Ozuna Ft. Young Izak Y Lionexx – Linda

Brand new track here by three artists who have made some dope tracks recently. All three of these artists have been featured on this website, and they’ve all been doing great work on their own. Ozuna and Young Izak work closely and they have released some collaborations, while Lionexx has been doing his own thing. It’s very dope that these guys got together to work on something and the end result was as good as I was expecting. On the beat is Bless The Producer and Super Yei. Super Yei works a lot with Ozuna and Young Izak. They’re working on a project titled ‘Superiority’ which sounds like it’ll be a various artists type of album by Super Yei. This is one of those tracks from the project and I expect we’ll get more soon. Check this out!

GotDembow (Admin)
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