Syko Ft. Yomo, Guelo Star, J King, Franco El Gorila, MC Ceja, Polakan, & More – Generaciones (Official Remix)

Syko El Terror is back with the remix of his track ‘Generaciones’! This is a ten minute Malianteo Rap song with artists from the old and new generation. We’ve got artists who are in the spotlight and others who choose not to be and the song is actually about that. As for as these extended remixes go, I’d say this is worth taking a listen to. I’d especially recommend it if you’re into Malinateo style or Spanish Rap songs. The song also features J King’s new artist, Lyan, which has official signed under his label called Young Lion. The other artists that participate in this and weren’t mentioned in the title are; Elio Mafiaboy and duo Cirilo y Pacho.

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