Tempo Ft. Alexio La Bestia – Si Se Apaga La Luz

Tempo is back! For the first time, even after he was finally released from jail, I’m hyped to hear what’s next for Tempo. Towards the very end of the year he dropped his song ‘Atrasado’ and that shook up the genre. Everybody was praising it and it revitalized Tempos career once again. The beat for was produced by Santana The Golden Boy as was this new track ‘Si Se Apga La Luz’. Looks like Santana is getting into Malianteo lately and even Trap when he dropped the song with Baby Rasta ‘En Su Nota’. To my surprise, this song was actually a Reggaeton song although it’s still Malianteo. It’s a dope track and this turned out to be a great collaboration. Alexio is on the come-up and this will only boost him up even more.

GotDembow (Admin)
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