Wambo Ft. Ozuna, Benny Benni, Almighty, Anonimus Y Bryant Myers – Plakata Plakata (Official Remix) (Part 1)

Wambo just joined Farrukos music group ‘Carbon Fiber Music’ and he’s dropped the first part of the remix to ‘Plakata Plakata’! It’s a dope Malianteo, with dembow, that I was a big fan of when I started listening to Wambo again. I think Wambo is going to be splitting this into two parts. The first of which includes Ozuna, Benny Benni, Almighty, Anonimus, and Bryant Myers. All of these guys are some of the new artists that are gaining popularity right now. Farruko might show up on the second part and I’m thinking that it’ll also include some more known Reggaetoneros. Check this out!

GotDembow (Admin)
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