Wise The Gold Pen y DJ Luian Present: 14F (Various Artists) [2015]

Here’s the long awaited 14F album that was announced back in January when they released ‘Baby Boo’ by Cosculluela. That’s when the idea for this album was spawned, at least that’s what they’ve said. ‘Baby Boo’ turned out to be a hit and it’s still one to this day. I do think it’s one of the best tracks on this album but for today I’m going to pretend it wasn’t on there and focus on the brand new songs. The best songs on the album were by Arcangel (Me Dejo Llevar), Genio (Si Te Vas), Pusho (No Lo Deseas Na), Zion y Lennox (En La Nada), and Baby Rasta y Gringo (Ay Ay Ay). Those were the tracks that stood out to me on the first listen. Check it out and see which songs you think were the best and which one was your favorite.

01. Bye Bye (Feat. Farruko)
02. Me Dejo Llevar (Feat. Arcangel)
03. En La Nada (Feat. Zion Y Lennox)
04. Necesito De Ti (Feat. De La Ghetto)
05. Periodico de Ayer (Feat. Nengo Flow Y Jory)
06. Mi Angel (Feat. Maluma Y Ken-Y)
07. Ay Ay Ay (Feat. Baby Rasta Y Gringo)
08. El No Estara A Mi Nivel (Feat. J Alvarez)
09. Baby Boo (Feat. Cosculluela)
10. Envejecer Conmigo (Feat. Randy)
11. No Lo Deseas Na (Feat. Pusho)
12. Decisiones (Feat. Luigi 21 Plus Y Arcangel)
13. No Reciclo Amores (Feat. Yomo)
14. Dejate Llevar (Feat. Gotay)
15. Si Te Vas (Feat. Genio)
16. Sin Ti (Feat. Alexa)

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