Yoi Carrera Ft. Gustavo Elis – Cada Vez Que Salgo (Official Remix)

Yoi Carrera and Gustavo Elis joined up for the remix of ‘Cada Vez Que Salgo’. Gustavo is an Urban Pop singer from Venezuela and you’ll know his voice when you hear it. Reggaeton singers have a distinct sound compared to a Pop singer. Yes there’s a difference in talent but there’s also something that sounds ‘right’ or ‘not’ for Reggaeton. Gustavo Elis is an urban pop singer so this should be no problem and I was right. Both artists killed it! This song is my favorite from Yoi Carrera and it’s possibly his best work. I’d say this is at least an 8/10 while his previous songs were 4’s and 6’s. That said, the one part that I dislike is Yoi’s rap verse. It was the deal breaker for not posting the original version. I’ve been replaying this song a lot because the rest of the song sounds damn good. I’m finally okay with that verse and now it’s one of my favorite tracks released this month. Give it a listen and let me know your opinion!

GotDembow (Admin)
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